24 Apr

Companies face many challenges while adding online sales portals to their existing businesses

When a brick and mortar retailer decides to start an online shop, retailer is not aware of the challenges that he is likely to face. But the thing is ecommerce is quite different from selling products at the brick and mortar store. The customer is unseen in online selling and the merchant has no idea what the customers are going to buy. They can shop any time from the convenience of their homes or offices and the payment will be done through an online payment gateway.

Companies face many challenges when they add online sales portal to their existing businesses and when they develop their online marketing plan.

Tracking inventory is difficult online

When a business is selling its products online, it may experience the sudden surge of getting online orders overnight .In case at one point of time they receive lots of orders online from the customers and there is no inventory available, it will be a letdown for the brand. In such situation if you allow people to back order and inform your customers that things will take more time, there are chances that they get frustrated and abandon the orders.

Training staff members

There will be difficulty in training your staff members who are not familiar with the process of online selling. Communication is a crucial aspect and the company’s owner needs to be on the same web page where their employers, managers and shippers are to gain an understanding about their expectations.

Realignment of product assortment

Online retailers have to market extremely large number of products and they have to satisfy their niche market as well. The major challenge posed in front of them is to work with the procurement and delivering exactly what all buyers are looking for.

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