30 Mar

Future of ecommerce industry in 2017 and beyond

E-commerce sales are expected to reach 50 to 55 billion dollars by the year 2021.Today the practice of e-commerce has already blurred the conventional shopping mode. The e-commerce industry caters to the needs of everyone with lots of interesting options. A new form of innovation took over the traditional method of shopping. With the advent of e-commerce solutions, customers can shop at their own convenience without any kind of hassle.

Technological breakthrough in E-commerce industry

Digital market place offers high opportunities to the companies that are willing to sell online. Some of the companies are experimenting with their shopping cart solutions by providing high level of personalization and extraordinary shopping experience to the customers. The multi channel e-commerce attribution modelling is a crucial challenge for carrying out e-commerce marketing analysis and budget allocation.

Direct correlation between e-commerce and website design

Since we are living in a multi device world, multi device tracking system allows seamless measurement of consumer action across various devices. For example if a user finds a product through organic search on laptop and then looked up for its details on smart phone, then Google analytic will count the three sessions as unique visitor. It is even easier to spot a correlation between the e-commerce and website design. Mobile friendly and responsive websites are placed in the higher spots Web design affects search engine optimization which in turn has an influence on the traffic to the e-commerce website.

Some of the E-commerce trends that is likely to be seen this year

Personalization and customization

Last year there was a focus on the secure data capture and this year too, the use of captured data has become highly prevalent.Customization is evident not only in sending messages but also on smart online stores. Customers are able to have a quick glance of exactly what they are ordering, customization designs, and videos fully displaying the products they are looking to buy.

Rise of fast delivery system

Over the past few years, the e-commerce delivery time scale has reduced to a greater extent and it has become much more precise. Same day delivery trends continue to rise this year.

Mobile website design continues to evolve

Mobile e-ommerce solutions has its breakthrough in the year 2015.This year the growth will continue with better screens, use of attractive bright colours, smoother buying experience ,better mobile search and also context driven discovery. E-commerce Solutions Company will develop that kind of shopping portal that works synergistically with the user’s phone size and functionality.

Rise of robots

Artificial intelligence is dominating the customer service and it is providing real time interaction with the customers. Certain e-commerce platforms are offering Chat boot integration and they are providing the instant automatic answers to the customer’s inquiry.

Complete integration of website designing and development

Innovation, creativity, high quality and promptness are the main mantras of our ecommerce website development company . The comprehensive e-commerce solutions are provided to the clients with the complete integration of website designing and development. Online shopping firms can now provide cohesive and seamless shopping experience to the recurring and prospective customers. Our e-commerce Website Development solutions enable you to reach out your customers wherever they are and at the same time ensures high consistency in user’s shopping experience. While looking for an e-commerce web designing and development, you need a partner that utilizes the industry specific approach and has the right creative zeal to excel.