02 Jun

The future is near. Check out the mobile UI design trends in mobile application development in 2017

There are many new mobile UI design trends which have emerged over the past few years and they have influenced the entire field of UI designing. Since the entire designing field is creative, it is coming up with some of the most amazing layouts and also the best in class user interface design. Apart from the website development, the mobile UI interface has also been included and it is an effective way to attract more and more customers towards your business.

Lets check out what all are the expectations of people from the new mobile UI design trends this year.

Conversational UI interfaces

There is so much buzz happening all around about the conversational interfaces. So there have been predictions about the increased utilization of conversational UI interfaces in mobile applications and also mobile sites. So it is the AI powered chat bots along with the voice based communications that is going to rule this year.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

The world of virtual and augmented reality is going to take the entire industry of mobile applications by storm. This is going to make a big impact on the mobile industry this year.

Utilization of hidden navigation

Although utilization of hidden navigation is something which is not the new thing for the UI designers, the designers are bringing up the hidden navigation with various other functionalities too. This is going to make the UI interface more demanding. It has been utilized for hiding the app or the functionality of the website and it is going to save the screen space too.

Motion Design Technology

The motion design technology has already become an integral part of the UI designer tool kit. It works like the user just have to tap on the app button and it will be converted into the described and more meaningful motion. Users are imparted with the focal point and it also imparts an immersive experience with the most perfect sight.

Minimal app UI interface

Speed is the most recognizing factor when it comes to the designing of the mobile apps or the website. The minimal app UI design ensures the fast loading and the easy to use apps are having competitive edge over the other mobile apps with the extremely complicated navigation procedures.

Long screens

This year designers will not hesitate from coming up with the long pages which allow scrolling and the mobile users will be highly comfortable while scrolling .The long scrolling is surely going to help when web pages are telling a narrative or some kind of structured content in a linear fashion. It works best for the immersive and long content and users can actually view it in a fluid manner.

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