17 May

Which are better ecommerce technologies for custom module development –Magento, PrestaShop or the Opencart?

Custom ecommerce platforms are required when ecommerce businesses are looking for customised functionalities along with some of the basic features for their online shopping platforms. A custom module has specific functionality and it has its own interface which facilitates the users to access specific functionality in a customized way. Different programmers are in a position to handle varied modules and in this way they can increase the pace of the development process. Even the ecommerce software solutions have different methodologies for the development of the specified modules. One crucial step in the development of the ecommerce shopping cart solution is the choice of the most appropriate platform.

Creating modules using PrestaShop

For the creation of module using PrestaShop, you have to develop a layout file and there is also a requirement of varied files for the admin section. But there is a need of very high coding standards too. This software adheres to the extremely strict coding standards and also allows developers to override the default functionality as and when needed.

Features of open cart software solution

Open cart works as an open source shopping solution and it is based on PHP. It creates a quick and quite easy store for selling the goods and it allows follows an object oriented structure.

Why Magento imparts better growth opportunities to your ecommerce business?

In comparison to the other two Magento platform extends an array of flexible features and opportunities for growth and generation of higher revenues in comparison to other ecommerce software development solutions. Magento based ecommerce shopping cart solutions extends amazing agility along with high customization capabilities which impart your business more chance for the expansion. Magento relies on the big scale of traffic features and it is surely the most preferred platform for the development of the ecommerce solutions. Magento offers lot of extensions and this can be integrated to meet the unique business needs of the clients. In comparison to all other software, magento is based on the MVC structure. By using the Magento platform, it is much simpler to develop the custom module.

Magento platform offers high flexibility and customization features

Being a leading open source ecommerce platform, magento provides high flexibility to the online merchants to improve the visual appeal, content and functional capabilities of their ecommerce websites. Magento in surely few steps ahead of the two other platforms as it offers range of attractive features and it is reliable, time checked with the host of customization features. Everything will surely add up to the high functionality of your online retail store.

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Get your dreams transformed with the real time and interactive Magento based ecommerce store

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