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07 Jul

Android or iOS-Which operating system will be more productive and profitable this year

When a developer takes on a new app development project, the first thing that comes to his mind is whether to go for a native or hybrid app. The next thing is a choice between two operating systems iOS or Andriod. Every single person will have a question in their mind that which platform is to be used for developing an app. Every business will adopt a profit oriented approach. The app developer will be finalizing the strategies which deliver the best possible outcome. The choice between two operating systems certainly relies on requirements of company, its reach, target consumer segments, mobile marketing strategies and also on its promotion time.


22 Jun

Improve the performance of your website by utilizing the most advanced Angular JS development

The Google Company has come up with the optimized framework which is most suited for the web application development .The angular JS2 is an upgraded version of the earlier framework Angular JS. It has introduced many significant improvements in the process of web development and has come with lots of improved features.

12 Jun

Why web developers should use Angular JS for their next web application development?

The Angular JS is highly popular JavaScript framework and it has gained high end popularity within a short period of time. This framework is maintained by the Google Company and it simplifies the entire procedure of the web application development and testing which is being implemented by the developers. So the angular JS works as the open source framework and it enables the web developers to combat all the challenges that come in their way during the entire course of web development .Based on the MVC architecture, the Angular JS ease out the integration of the HTML codes and allows the developers to come up with highly responsive and dynamic websites.

02 Jun

The future is near. Check out the mobile UI design trends in mobile application development in 2017

There are many new mobile UI design trends which have emerged over the past few years and they have influenced the entire field of UI designing. Since the entire designing field is creative, it is coming up with some of the most amazing layouts and also the best in class user interface design. Apart from the website development, the mobile UI interface has also been included and it is an effective way to attract more and more customers towards your business.

17 May

Which are better ecommerce technologies for custom module development –Magento, PrestaShop or the Opencart?

Custom ecommerce platforms are required when ecommerce businesses are looking for customised functionalities along with some of the basic features for their online shopping platforms. A custom module has specific functionality and it has its own interface which facilitates the users to access specific functionality in a customized way. Different programmers are in a position to handle varied modules and in this way they can increase the pace of the development process. Even the ecommerce software solutions have different methodologies for the development of the specified modules. One crucial step in the development of the ecommerce shopping cart solution is the choice of the most appropriate platform.

24 Apr

Companies face many challenges while adding online sales portals to their existing businesses

When a brick and mortar retailer decides to start an online shop, retailer is not aware of the challenges that he is likely to face. But the thing is ecommerce is quite different from selling products at the brick and mortar store. The customer is unseen in online selling and the merchant has no idea what the customers are going to buy. They can shop any time from the convenience of their homes or offices and the payment will be done through an online payment gateway.

19 Apr

Outsourcing off shore web development work cuts down company’s expenditure and improve productivity

Web development work can take a huge portion of your IT investment budget. Companies these days look for ways to slash down their operating cost by outsourcing some of their business functions. You have now the flexibility to scale up and down all your business needs by hiring an offshore web development company.

17 Apr

Most viable platform to operate across multiple mobile devices

Cross platform mobile development is the development of mobile apps which can be utilized on multiple mobile platforms. In today’s business community, there is a trend of BYOD which means bring your own device and employees as well clients are using their own mobile devices for accessing company’s mobile apps. It has become a necessity for all kinds of businesses to develop mobile apps that operate on various networks and variety of operating systems. The cross platform development leads to the infusion of consistency to the mobile apps cutting across various platforms and devices.

30 Mar

Future of ecommerce industry in 2017 and beyond

E-commerce sales are expected to reach 50 to 55 billion dollars by the year 2021.Today the practice of e-commerce has already blurred the conventional shopping mode. The e-commerce industry caters to the needs of everyone with lots of interesting options. A new form of innovation took over the traditional method of shopping. With the advent of e-commerce solutions, customers can shop at their own convenience without any kind of hassle.

24 Mar

Android app development trends are blowing the minds of users.

Most of the smart phone users all across the globe are utilizing Android operating system. The highly skilled android app developers create high performance android apps that are highly engaging and provide the best user experience. People prefer to use mobiles to manage the tasks of their daily lives.