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Search Engine Optimization

Grapes Solutions is a professionally managed web solutions company. It is an industry expert providing professional SEO services worldwide.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is now a vital leading force to your digital marketing campaigns. The digital world is growing and social media is dominating a large space.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click campaigns are the finest way to attract huge traffic in less time with less expense.

App Store Optimization

Are you looking to optimize your apps in the app stores? We offer a complete solution for your app store optimisation need.

Grapes Solutions is a professionally managed web solutions company. It is an industry expert providing professional SEO services worldwide. Being in the field since quite long, we are laced with a strong technical team. Other services offered by us include mobile application development, CMS development, and web applications. If you are looking for a dedicated SEO for your online businesses, here ends your quest. Contact us and make your presence remarkable in the internet world.

Our expert search engine optimisation services use the latest techniques. Through the step-wise methodology, we work in a unique way to suit your customised needs. We understand your business and design an exclusive work-plan for your project. With years of experience and dedication to the projects, Grapes Solutions is known as the best SEO company.

Application Maintenance

Best SEO Services

We are providing 100% satisfaction to our clients with our affordable SEO packages. Having served numerous clients from different countries, we are well-experienced with all rank-improvement tools and techniques.

What Makes us Best
Our efficient on-page and off-page optimisation services are well-framed by our technical experts.

  • • Effective project management with real-time reporting
  • • Mapping out the target keywords and deployment of most suitable SEO tactics
  • • Guaranteed SEO services to generate quick inquiries for your online business
  • • Efficient digital marketing services
  • • Social media integrated solutions
  • • Allotment of a dedicated project manager for better communication
  • • Customised solutions as per our client’s need
  • • Attractive rates for SEO package
  • • After service support

Our process specifications are also altered with a personal approach to suit your SEO campaign. The online marketing strategies will deliver higher visibility to your company at the top search engines.

Intranet Extranet portal development

Comprehensive SEO Services: Research – Analysis - Planning

SEO aims at generating traffic from organic search results. The search engine optimisation includes off-page and on-page optimisation. Our SEO services deals with complete procedures for best results in well-managed time frame:

Our On-Page SEO Services

  • • Planning and optimisation of pages
  • • Title, meta data and header tags
  • • Internal linking optimisation
  • • Robot.txt and sitemaps
  • • W3C validation
  • • Complete keyword analysis and reporting

Off Page SEO Services

  • • Per URL submissions
  • • Press release distributions
  • • Link building and social bookmarking
  • • Content development
  • • Image optimisation
  • • Follow-up reporting and analytics
Rich Internet Application Development

Why Choose Us?

Besides following your customized needs, we also offer free tips and guidance. As an experience SEO consultant company, we offer strategical tips to our clients. All our commitment is towards the growth of your business through natural and ethical optimisation techniques. Page traffic is helping small businesses as well larger enterprises to grow up their business. Grapes Solutions offer all the SEO activities with a greater efficiency. Our team is skilled in organic optimisation, Pay per Click, and Social Media Marketing. With us, you will be served by a pool of talented and experienced SEO consultants.

While serving our clients, our professional SEO services make sure that the main purposes are fulfilled:

  • • Generating large visibility in the online world
  • • Higher rankings on search engines
  • • Online promotion for growth of your business

The online marketing of your business will help you grow and gain larger popularity and visibility over your competitors. Before we start, we go skin-deep into your project and carry on a complete keyword analysis. Nothing but our past performances have made us the best internet marketing solution. Numerous successful assignments have developed a loyal customer database. And we are proudly continuing our services with high success ratio. With us, you are sure to be with a reliable SEO consultancy to get expert SEO services.

Are you looking for a reliable social media marketer for your business? Social media marketing is now a vital leading force to your digital marketing campaigns. The digital world is growing and social media is dominating a large space. Grapes Solutions is a team of social media experts. The social media marketing services builds communities across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other blogger networks. The perfect merger of analytics and creativity at our company help clients in deriving the best results.

The social media means a lot more than random sharing for the businesses. We understand what makes the anything shareable and saleable. We take your business on numerous networks to be heard by the potential buyers. Our in-depth study of your business and brand creates the most digital marketing campaign for you. We also go skin-deep into analysing the best platform for your business. With a copious number of networks, it is essential to figure out how to engage your consumers across these networks.

Mobile Application Development

Why Social Media Services Are Needed?

The social media are easily accessible and less expensive than the conventional marketing tools. People are actively sharing their likes and says on these platforms. The social media are also serving as platforms for conversation between you and your customers. Our right strategies can convert your views to your loyal customers. The well-designed strategy informs and educates your potential buyers about your business. The digital campaigns ultimately result in human connection and thereby increasing your sales.

Mobile Website Development

Social Media Optimization Services (SMO)

Our on-site and off-site social media optimization services build a vital trust factor for your websites. Our SMO services range from the creation of pages on various social media to content sharing, like buttons, and rating options. Your brand will be recognized through the most popular social bookmarking sites by our expert social marketers.

Our social media marketing plan generates awareness for your brand and directs traffic to your sites. The marketing plan will let you have the most online marketing through:

  • • Social seeding
  • • Sponsored posts
  • • Tweeting
  • • Rating options
  • • Like buttons
  • • Social postings
  • • Video promotions
  • • Building social forum communities
  • • Commenting

We develop and establish your customer base using media channels and our expertise in the social media marketing realm.

As the popularity of the digital media platform is increasing, it is vital for businesses to use the best marketing strategies. Pay per click campaigns are the finest way to attract huge traffic in less time with less expense. Our expert PPC marketing services ensure impressive lead conversions. We have a dedicated PPC marketing team which caters to your need of AdWords campaigning and other optimisation tools. Though paid marketing campaigns are marketing solutions, professional services for best PPC management are critical for the success. Grape Solutions offers reliable PPC campaign management services for your business.

When you are looking for quicker results for your business, PPC comes in. it is the paid marketing of your products to get visibility on search engines, app stores, and social media platforms. It can prove a quick boost to your other marketing efforts. We manage your campaign with an affordable advertising budget. No matter you are a small sized company or a larger e-commerce, we have best cost per click solutions for you. We customise campaigns for start-ups as well booming businesses.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Pay Per Click Management Campaign

Knowing PPC is an easy affair but doing it in a right way can be challenging. Grape Solutions develop and manage highly effective PPC campaigns to ensure improved business revenues. A lot of management and strategy requires in developing a winning pay per click campaign. We research and choose the right keywords for your business. Your target keywords are further converted into well-managed ad groups and campaigns. Our PPC campaign management makes your paid advertising a successful marketing.

Customer Relationship Management

AdWords Campaign Services

We are an all-in-one service provider for all your needs of online marketing. Clients rely on us for the most effective paid online marketing. We run Google AdWords campaign optimisation with an aim to drive high-quality traffic to your site. Our AdWords management campaign is structured to reduce your cost and to optimize your campaign. The services from Grape Solutions also include social media advertising, display ads, PPC optimization and media marketing.

ECM & Content Management System

Why PPC Marketing is Significant?

The significance of PPC marketing lies in the reasons for which it is mainly used. The objective of this paid advertising is to derive instant quality traffic. The very best benefits of pay per click marketing self-explain its significance:

  • • Pay per click advertising is easy and quick to implement
  • • It is the best way to get quick results
  • • Ensures qualified leads for your website
  • • Customised advertising to schedule ads in terms of locations and timings
  • • You get complete reporting and analytics
  • • Your cost can be adjusted as per your needs

When you are approached by multiple PPC optimization companies, choosing the right one is important. You also need to be sure that your PPC service provider excels in it.

At Grapes Solutions, we always have our clients’ interests in mind and plan PPC strategies accordingly. You will get best services in the following segments:

  • • Proper Keyword Grouping
  • • Ad extensions
  • • Ad copywriting
  • • PPC Ad testing
  • • PPC landing page optimization

While executing your pay per click campaign, we also review them. We identify which PPC tactic is working for you and which is less effective. Moreover, the PPC advertising opportunities through various channels will be identified and applied. We track results and submit reports regularly to monitor the success of the pay per click campaigns. With us, your paid search marketing will deliver measurable return on investments.

Are you looking to optimize your apps in the app stores? We offer a complete solution for your app store optimisation need. Having an application in the store without optimization does not serve the purpose. Our main objective is to improve the app distribution. ASO increases search rankings for apps in an app store. If you are anxious about no one looking at your creation, start optimising now. All the mobile applications are designed differently and hence demands different ASO strategies.

Grapes Solutions provides a complete solution for increasing traffic to your app. We analyse and understand all the factors related to your application. Our detailed keyword research, icon design, and screenshot conversion. App store optimization service is no more a new concept. But if you are hiring any mobile app marketing company, you need to know how your investment will be utilized.

Business Intelligence

Mobile App Marketing – Key Factors

An expert mobile app marketing needs to have a methodology and a strategical approach. Here we have mapped out the key objectives of our app optimization service:

  1. Content optimization (an on-page activity)
  2. Analysis of the reviews and ratings
  3. Well-managed title, description, and keywords for higher ranking
  4. Managing app logo, screenshots, and app category
  5. Increasing organic app downloads
  6. Driving higher revenue and engagement from your existing users
  7. Focussing on creating new users

We are dealing with app store optimization since long and hold thorough expertise of working inside the app store. Planning out perfect mobile app marketing strategy is our core strength

Business Process Management

Why do you need ASO Services?

Millions of applications are struggling to earn higher visibility in the app store. Getting their application visible is the biggest challenge for any developer. Being visible creates the opportunity of download and thereby of return on investment. As SEO drives traffic to your website, so does ASO for your mobile apps. Whether you have developed android apps or windows or iPhone, you need app store optimization to reap good results. The app promotion service is cost-effective and gives large exposure to the applications. Unlike ASO, the other non-ASO ways like banner ads and CPI need higher investment.

At Grapes Solutions, app store optimization is a continuous process of enhancing the visibility of your app. Hence, we are recognized as a leading mobile app marketing service. We improve the visibility of the applications in app stores like google play store, and iTunes. This will ultimately result in driving quality to your application.

Business Intelligence

What We Offer

The wide range of ASO services includes everything you may want from your mobile app marketing agency.

  • • App title and description
  • • Keyword analysis and localization
  • • App icon and marketing
  • • Rankings, ratings, and reviews
  • • YouTube app demo
  • • Social media sharing
  • • Downloads

Getting your app optimized by expert app store optimization services can be your guarantee to success.

As an experienced mobile app marketing company, we have expertise in app store keyword optimisation. It is extremely significant to optimise your app with right keyword, title, and description. Appropriate keyword analysis and app description will make the application to be easily tracked by the browsers. Our expert ASO team is dedicated to enhance your application to be at the top in the store. No way is left unpaved to promote your app and reach it to the potential users. Our comprehensive analysis also focus on refined keywords, current marketing strategies, and competitor’s stand.