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Technology Services

Connected Operations. Smarter Decisions. Transformed Manufacturing.

The reality–virtuality continuum covers virtual reality (a completely immersive virtual experience) on one end and augmented reality (which augments the user’s real worldview with digital objects) with mixed reality falling in the middle. This entire spectrum is called extended reality (XR). We will help you choose the right technology (AR, VR, or MR) as well the related devices and services.

Industrial organizations

Industrial organizations shoulder bigger, more complex performance expectations than ever.

Digital technologies

We leverage emerging digital technologies like IoT, data analytics, ML, AI, cognitive bots, and mixed reality to make your business future-ready.


Just realizing the marginal efficiency in operational costs and production optimization methods is not enough.

Retail & Wholesale
DiamondMela App

DiamondMela is e-commerce website for franchise and normal customers. DiamondMela has varieties of categories and related huge collections. DiamondMela has ready and make-to-order both types of products and in-detail description and price breakup details for every products.


Diamond2Deal is e-commerce website for jewelry industry. In this website we have done customization from very small product (jewelry) to expensive product (jewelry). Website has all the jewelry related filters and features including selecting custom options like ring size , bangle size, metal option etc.


P.Hirani is a family business based in Mumbai, India. We are one of the top fancy diamond manufacturers in India with large inventory of diamonds spread across the color spectrum.

DiamondMela Internal Software

DML Software is kind of customized backend application of DiamondMela website. We have added every single module for the data manipulation which client needs to customized.


Swapgears is e-commerce website for buyers and sellers. It helps you to sell or buy all type of electronics gadgets. Customers can buy gears with exchange too. Customers can buy or sell refurbished products also. So it's huge portal with buying and selling option at the platform.

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